Warrenty Terms & Conditions

  1. 1

    Warrenty :

    Under the normal using, if hands insensible from the rotor commutator but which is less than 0.2 mm , and the damage is caused by the the tool’s quality. we give the 12 months warranty calculated from the date of purchase.

  2. 2

    Not warrenty :

      Any valid legal documents (invoices) can’t prove the date of purchase.   

      Any damage caused by natural wear and overload. 

      Any damage caused by the use of low-priced & inferior parts. 

      Any damage caused by improper carrying, transportation or storage. 

      Any products are opened, repaired, replaced, or modified by themself. 

      Any damage caused by misuse, beyond the range of the tool using, and not follow the Manuel and maintain . 

  3. 3

    Some common phenomena that are not properly used. And the damage caused by the following conditions is not belong the quality problems:

      When the tool is running at high speed, the brake device forcibly stops the working. 

      When the tool is using, the worker give excessive pressure.

      Using tools outside the range of the tool's purpose and capabilities.   

      When the tool is not reached the constant speed before the working. 

      When the tool is not completely stopped, the direction of the working head is changed .

      When the tool works in a dusty environment for a long time, and the tool is not maintain in time.  

      Damage caused by falling into the housing due to improper use or storage.     

      Rotary hammer and demolition hammer are over-injected or using the inferior drill bit and make the excessive pressure for the working tool.

      The angle grinder uses a polishing blade to cut the material or cut for polishing works.

      The cut off machine (marble cutter) is using the poor-quality, passivated cutting blade, which is used to cut the wire trough, wall trough, and strongly pushing during the       working.

      Use the drill as a screwdriver or tapper (which will damage the gear, rotor, etc.).