Golden Sun Technology has developed an anti-counterfeiting solution that secures and strengthens the product from manufacturer to consumers by making the widespread tracking of individual items feasible. Power Bonus – anti counterfeiting solution is an advanced product which is safe and secure, and can be added into or on the product itself to serve as a guard that can confirm authenticity as well as reveal a wide variety of product intelligence. Power Bonus anti-counterfeiting solution offers an additional tool to add to the arsenal in the fight against counterfeiting to maintain the integrity of your brand and products.

POWER BONUS - Anti-Counterfeiting Solution to Protect Your Brand

Common platform for Brand Owners, Brand Users - providing product authentication with High Security Hologram with 2D barcode and Scratch and integrated wit Verification, Rewards & Gifts. Provides Infrastructure free platform for SME with web based solution to mark product with a special security feature i.e., HOLOGRAM.

 Benefits for Brand Owners

The solution that every brand owner can trust and brand protection that can depend on.
 Provides a facility to protect their product from being counterfeited.
 Enables to create more faith in brand from customer perspective
 Continuously review their product performance with feedbacks from customers and enables them to make their product more sophisticated and user friendly.

 Benefits for Brand Users

Multi-Layered Security Approach for product purchased by users.
 Ensures them that the product being purchased is a genuine one.
 By verification it creates a confidence in customers and also further creates interest in them with reward points.
 Once the points are accumulated they can be redeemed at Power Bonus application.
 Provides interaction facility with brand owner through web and mobile app.
 Lucky Draw and Warranty mechanism on selective brands.